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UKFast.Net Ltd is a business-to-business internet hosting company based in Manchester, UK. It is principally known for managed hosting, cloud services, and co-location. The business owns and operates its data centre complex in Trafford Park, Manchester.As of 2019 the company employs more than 365 people and in 2018 it achieved revenues of £53.9m. It provides services to more than 5,000 clients inc


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Dave Davenport says

"Initally for the 1st year or 2 the service was very good but the past year I have had nothing but issues which are still ongoing. The constant change of staff gives no reassurance to anything being resolved. Stating they could be down to old applications does not solve something when they actually manage the server. If applications are old look into it and replace them rather then let my websites go down until I notice. Very very disappointed"

Rob says

"I have been a UK Fast customer for over 4 years until now. I used the server to run my website design & development business. Covid19 damaged a lot of businesses, including mine. I found myself being owned much money by a client that disappeared on a long project. I was unable to pay for my rent or UK Fast server. Rather than give some time to get the money, being a long-standing customer & during a bad health crisis. They TURNED OFF my sever, crippling my business! I was unable to develop websites, work or get any client emails, yet this was supposed to make me get the money after speaking to my "account manager" that you never hear from. He was not interested in helping or caring about the situation. The worst part was UK Fast still charge FULL price for the server, even when turned off! They are creating more debt, followed by constant threats of being taken to court. The behaviour towards a small long term business was too much & I lost my clients and soon the business. UK Fast seems to purposely put the maximum amount of stress on you & business during a situation that they made impossible for me to resolve. It almost cost me my life, but I had excellent support around me to help me out. I hope no one gets to that point or can get help as UK Fast turn on the heat as much as you can when they feel they no longer want you as a customer. I am very saddened & feel betrayed by the company. Adding more insult to injury, I referred a client of mine to their services & as they promise a % for the life of their spending's. However, after a few months, they stopped it & you can't even withdraw or use to the money they say is yours. A positive note: the technical staff, are friendly & know their stuff. It’s a shame that the management & business model is toxic to small businesses."

William says

"Received unsolicited email from this company trying to peddle it's services. If a company still feels the need to cold call or send out spam promoting their services then there is something clearly wrong with that company."

Thiru S says

"I am currently a UK fast customer and we have been with them over 7 years and it was all good untill we had hardships in business . We could not pay them in full and they simply locked us out and we were out of business for weeks. We proposed a diffierent plan and to downgrade our spec , but all were rejected by UK fast . We could not survive and ended up closing our business . The support was zero and because we had valuable data , we had no choice to recover them by siging up again for 12 months at a higher rate with our new company . This was a pure blackmail and we had to borrow to have access to the data . Over a year ago our we had a DDoS attack and we were very supportive to UK fast when it happened and we lost data but did not claim on it due to good will and we were down for over 10 days and lost business . My point is , there are not a small business supporting enterprise like they project and show themselves . They are only interested in getting you signed up for a long term and once you sign that would be it . It is my experience with them and it was all fine for us until something went wrong for us . I would advice businesses to think about hardship times before signing with UKfast . There are other providers for SBE who could offer a better deal and support , when you actually need them. Do not be carried away by the feedback at UK Fast site , they ask only one question about UK fast and that is it , it is very misleading . My advice would be think and research more before signing up with UK Fast ."

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